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Add a great little USB recorder for your SR3D XLR Pro! (or SR3D RCA)


Use it with your iPhone/Android phone! (see video below) or PC/MAC


A new generation of 2x2 microphone preamplifiers, with more powerful technology and compatibility.


With a high-speed USB2.0 interface and 24Bit/192Khz resolution, it can provide excellent recording quality.


Rugged metal housing, small and convenient to carry, plug and play.


High-performance converter, lets you record, mix, and stream anytime.


24bit/192kHz High Fidelity Sound Quality

Maximum sampling rate 24bit/192kHz recording audio quality, with all connection interfaces for microphone, electric guitar, bass, etc, delivers studio-grade 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution for pristine recording every time. These accurately capture the detail of every recorded signal, ensuring that the fidelity of sound throughout the recording process is maintained.


Compatible with popular recording software on the market, perfectly matched with DAW recording software such as Audacity/Pro Tools/Ableton Live Lite/Reaper/Ableton.


DAW software is not included, which means you have more flexibility to choose on your sound production.


The MD22 does not need to download proprietary drivers, its USB audio interface is a generic driver for Windows or Mac.


Supports Loopback function

The MD22 audio sound card has Loopback function that is convenient to mix all of the audio input from each channel together with audio signal playback in the computer into 2 channels in the MD22, and sends them back to the computer.


"Zero-Latency" Monitoring

The MD22 sound card audio interface allows zero-latency direct monitoring, which means musicians can experience their performance clearly – with no delay or lag in the returning signal, resulting in a better performance and recording.


Stereo output, perfect for ASMR recording/streaming production

The MD22 sound card has left and right channel input, which can reflect the spatial position of different sound sources during recording. It can also be connected to microphones and instruments at the same time for music production, and can play accompaniment in computer for recording at the same time. You can also connect to studio monitor speakers to output audio through left and right channel.


Flexible Power Selection

The sound card has a USB 2.0 port that supports PC or iOS devices which can directly make the recording and also be powered. You can also choose a UK/EU/USA standard 5V 2A USB power adapter (included) or use your external USB power bank to ensure power stability. Diversified power supply methods let you use the sound card whenever and wherever.


Product Description:

Support "Loopback" and "MON" and "Low Cut" Function


Loopback Function


The sound input to the sound card and the sound played on the computer are mixed into stereo and sent to the computer. This setting is mainly used for network broadcasting


MON Function


When the switch is on,the signal input to the [MIC/LINE 1/2] jack will be output to both the [MAIN OUT L/R] jack and the L/R channel of the [headphone] jack.


When the switch is off, the signal input to [MIC/LINE 1] jack will be output to [MAIN OUT L] jack; Signals input to the [MIC/LINE 2] jack will be output to the [MAIN OUT R] jack. For [PHONES] jacks, signals input to [MIC/LINE 1] jacks are output to L channels; Input to the [MIC/LINE 2] jack will be output to the R channel.


Low Cut Function


Turning this switch on will apply a high-pass filter to attenuate frequencies up to 100Hz at a slope of 12 dB/ frequency multiplier.


Professional USB Audio Interface Sound Card


Size: approx 18x10x5cm/7.09x3.94x1.97 inch


Material: Metal


Resolution: 24Bit/192Khz

Power: Support Type C Compatible with PC and IOS.


Included with Package:

1 X USB Audio Interface Sound Card

1 X USB port Charging Cable

1 X USB Charging Cable and UK/EU/USA power transformer

1 X User manual


Comes with a UK/EU or USA USB 5v power transformer (USB-C) and USB leads, just add your XLR cables and a SR3D XLR or SR3D RCA microphone.

Use it with your iPhone or Android with optional USB adapters on our adapter page.


Easy to install and use with Audacity a free audio software studio


Need more info? please contact us using the chat feature or email

Pro USB Mixer 192kHz 24bit for SR3D XLR and RCA

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