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These are built to order, and the lead times are up to 7 days


Want to truly enhance the binaural 3D effect? Then the SR3D Dummy Head MKIII is for you!


This binaural dummy head microphone is not just perfect for ASMR, field recording, Foley, and headphone testing, but it's a great addition to the collection for any audio enthusiast.


The stylish and minimalist design of our dummy head microphone means it will fit in with any setup, without sacrificing audio quality, Its advanced technology guarantees crystal clear sound quality.


Whether this is your go-to ASMR dummy head microphone, or your recording podcasts, music. This microphone will give you professional-level results every time you use it.


Our binaural dummy head microphones are made from a hand-modified polystyrene head with a few added extras to create a premium dummy head microphone.


Complete with a 3D printed base, layered with green felt and 1/4 inch metal standard tripod mount.


The SR3D binaural dummy head microphone comes with multiple different connection options so it can be seamlessly integrated into your setup.



Phantom Powered option - XLR:

Professional Primo EM272 ultra-low noise capsules

XLR version requires a recorder or mixer to provide 48v phantom power.

Standard 1/4" tripod thread


Colour: WHITE


USB Option:

Professional Primo EM272 ultra-low noise capsules

The SR3D Dummy head USB microphone for PC and MAC

Standard 1/4" tripod thread


Colour: WHITE

96kHz 24Bit

Comes with 5M USB cable



USB Compatibility:

Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

Mac OS X® 10.6 and above

iPhone® 6 and above with lightning adapter (works with iPhone 15)


Debian Linux

USB Audio Specifications: 96kHz 24bit


If you have an idea for a microphone or a modification, why not get in touch, maybe we can work with you and build you a bespoke microphone ideal for your requirements.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is a dummy head microphone?


A dummy head microphone is exactly what it sounds like, a pair of microphones that sit inside a structure that replicates a human head. By using two microphones placed within the ears of the dummy head, the microphone captures sound from different directions and distances, just like our ears do.

SR3D Dummy Head MKIII

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