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Can the SR3D RCA Battery type be used with my computer?

Some computers support stereo microphone input sockets, but not all.

You can get audio in to your computer with either a USB DAC or a Zoom branded audio recorder or Tascam DR-40X with their USB interface option.


Can the SR3D RCA be used with my phone?

It will not work out of the box with smartphones, but using our USB adapter, yes!.


Can the SR3D XLR be used with my phone?

No, not out of the box, but if purchased with our USB mixer and USB adapter for your phone, yes!


Can the SR3D USB be used with my phone?

If you have an iPhone with a lightning connector you can use it with a USB to lightning adapter, available with the USB adapter option, If you have Android we have tested a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a 3rd party HD video recorder with success. We suspect if you have an Android phone that is OTG compatible, we believe that it should work.


What’s the warranty on your product?

We offer a 1-year warranty.


If you have any problems with your microphone, then just let us know at

Microphone Sound Editing
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