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New SR3D® Cubes! @¥30,970 - @¥38,775 @₩307435 - @₩384680


Plug-in power or XLR type


Two cubes come with an adjustable stereo bar and adapters and are removable from the bar, they have a 1/4" tripod adapter under the cube so each can be mounted on another microphone stand if you wish to try them further apart.


Solid steel metal bar with slide adjustable mounts

Each holder mount has removable 3/8" to 1/4" thread adaptor

Distance between microphone mounts: 65mm to 230mm

Length of bar: 265mm (Note this item will not fit in the flight case option)

Stand mount fitting with 5/8" to 1/4" thread


3.5mm jack option comes with:

Two audio cables

One stereo splitter cable for recorder or camera input


Both types use the Primo EM272 ultra low noise capsules for ultra low noise recordings.

SR3D® Cubes

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