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Manfrotto tripods are the perfect pairing with our SR3D binaural microphones. These compact and lightweight mini tripods offer the optimal level of support for our microphones, allowing you to get the perfect recording no matter your environment!

Not only is the Manfrotto tripod compatible with our microphones, but they are also designed to be used with cameras, smartphones, and other portable devices.

Highly durable – Manfrotto tripods are made from aluminium and technopolymer, making them resistant to wear and tear. This makes this mini tripod the ideal choice for being taken out into different environments to help with your field recordings. Simply throw it in your bag without having to worry about the tripod getting damaged or breaking!

Lightweight – Weighing only 0.42 pounds, the Manfrotto travel tripod is well suited to when you are traveling. With its lightweight, you won’t have to worry about being weighed down with more heavy equipment. Although it doesn’t weigh much, it doesn’t sacrifice build quality, making it super reliable when you need it.

Weight Limit – This mini tripod has a maximum weight limit of up to 1 kilogram, which is quite impressive for such a lightweight piece of equipment! Not only is this more than enough support for our SR3D microphones, but it will also be able to handle cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and smartphones without breaking a sweat!

Ball head design – The ball head of the Manfrotto tripod allows for smooth and precise movement of your microphone, including horizontal and vertical panning, as well as tilting. This means that you will be able to direct your microphone exactly where you want it with ease, capturing the audio you want perfectly!

Manfrotto Tripod Specifications:

Brand:                                Manfrotto
Material:                            Aluminium, Technopolymer
Tripod head type:          Ball Head
Colour:                               White
Maximum height:           13.5 Centimetres
Minimum height:            13.5 Centimetres
Weight limit:                    1 Kilogram
Item weight:                     0.42 Pounds
Number of leg sections:            1

MANFROTTO Pixi Mini Tripod

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