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Not just for ASMR these lav mics are a valuable addition to anyone's audio kit!


Give your YouTube channel/Podcast a new sound that will have your audience focusing on you rather than the room noise and echo/straining to hear your voice, we'd recommend our very low noise lavalier microphone housed in an elegant black metal body, they use the same Primo EM272 capsules as in our SR3D binaural Pro microphones.


The microphones come with a 1.5 metre wire, with a 3.5mm jack.


The stereo microphones come individually with a short stereo adapter for stereo connection to your recorder/camera, both capsules are selected for a well balanced signal in your stereo recorder.




  • Directional Pattern: Omni directional.
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB at 1 kHz.
  • Self Noise: 14 dB-A.
  • Clipping SPL: 120 dB SPL at 1 kHz.
  • Sensitivity: -28 dB +/- 3dB at 1 kHz (0 dB = 1V/Pa)



DIY Kit Option:


Our DIY Binaural kit option for ultra low noise floor recordings have a slightly smaller jack plug for ease of passing through the ears and use cheaper cable.


The stereo only option jack plugs will go through the ears with a firmer push, but use a higher quality jack plug and use high quality professional Mogami cable.


These can be used with our USB adapters to get audio into your phone (iPhone and Android)



XLR version option:


XLR versions available but will not fit the DIY Kit, requires 24/48V phantom power. Uses high quality Neutrik connectors with gold plated contacts and Primo EM272 capsules, uses high quality Mogami 2697 cable.

Available in Mono or Stereo selected pair.

Professional Lavalier microphones - Stereo pair - Mono single

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