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3D Binaural audio, experience sounds externally when using headphones, the SR3D® weatherproof dummy head garden microphone has ears so hears everything like we do, transport yourself into your garden without leaving your chair!


Share your garden with the world or listen to it while you're inside on your phone/PC/MAC


Ideal for Raspberry Pi mini computers etc, capture birds and other nature/urban/city/country sounds and stream to an online streaming service (paid or free) or stream direct on your home network using Darkice and Icecast.


Please use headphones for playback, for the 3D effect.


What you get:


USB Phantom Power Mixer: 192kHz /24-bit


Two mini XLR cables

20M CAT6 Shielded cable

RJ45 to XLR crossover box

Microphone Stand - Guide ropes and ground steaks

Dummy Head Microphone and head sock with copper stand-offs


Ideal for Raspberry Pi computers and other computers/Phones with compatible adapters.



Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

Mac OS X® 10.6 to 10.8

iPhone® 6 and above with lightning adapter and iPhone 15 with USB-C adapter

Debian Linux

Android with a OTG adapter


Please note:

International buyers are responsible for any tax, duties and customs fees.


A free audio server for streaming live nature audio with the SR3D weatherproof microphone, or your own microphone, is available from:


"Locus Sonus Stream Project offers a worldwide network of "open mikes" that permanently stream local soundscapes to a dedicated server. The resulting live audio is used in a large variety of artistic projects. The microphones are installed and maintained by volunteer participants."

3D audio - Garden nature microphone

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